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Natural Remedies For A Healthy Heart

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USED-ACCEPTABLE, a bit yellowish but content are still in good condition, Inner page has been lined with correction tape to cover writings, Some notes scribbled on text




You have just gotten the word from your doctor, and it's not good: your cholesterol level is too high. You know this could lead to heart disease. You know you have to do something. But what? Sure, there are prescription drugs, but are these any less costly, safe, and effective natural alternative you should consider?

The answer is a resounding yes! Dr. David Heber, renowned physician and nutrition researcher, has been on the front lines in the battle against heart disease, and has found many natural remedies to be both highly effective and reliable. In Natural Remedies For A Healthy Heart, he provides a complete, easy-to-follow program that includes the latest discoveries in natural cholesterol reduction. Dr. Heber first explain what cholesterol is, what role it plays in the development of heart disease, and what risk factors increase your chances of experiencing heart problems. He provides a diet - without using complicated charts and formulas - that offers a simple seven-step strategy for reducing dietary fat, the single biggest heart-disease culprit in our modern diet. He goes on to explain why stress is bad for your heart, and includes practical ways to reduce your stress levels. He looks at exercise, and how it not only reduce stress but also strengthens the heart itself. After reviewing the most commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs, Dr. Heber focuses on those scientifically validated natural therapies that work without side effects. Included is the latest information on a remarkable supplement from China. Most important, Dr. Heber tells you how to pull all this information together into a manageable program tailored to your needs.

If you are concerned about your family's cholesterol level or your own, let Natural Remedies For A Healthy Heart teach you how to naturally take control of your health



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